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Our inspection will do a complete walk-around, including detailed pictures and overall condition of the vehicle, not just the mechanical condition.

A regular “brick and mortar” repair facility will try to sell you services or maintenance found to be needed on the vehicle inspected, sometimes without merit. We do not perform any maintenance or repair, so we will give you an accurate condition report, no “sale pitch”.

Will go as far as 30 miles from our ZIP code: 60030. This covers most of the North and West Suburbs of Chicago, as well as Kenosha and Racine county in WI.

Any requests beyond this area will have to be requested ahead of scheduling and will be subject to a additional fee, if considered.

You can cancel any time before we travel to the vehicle’s location, we will refund you the inspection fee in full.

If we are already on the way to the location, the inspection has been performed, or we don’t have access to the vehicle to be inspected, we will not refund the inspection fee.

If you need several inspections performed to decide on the best vehicle, we will offer a “package” price for all of the inspections requested if they are booked at the same time. If we have to perform a second or third inspection at a different time, you will be charged for each as a separate inspection requests.

You are welcome to join us at the inspection site, watch the process, and ask specific questions.

We offer a free phone consultation about the inspection results after you review them. You are welcome to give us a call or email us with specific questions about the inspection results.

We can inspect vintage vehicles; however, you need to provide us with a list of specific issues you want us to address, otherwise you will receive a generic inspection report similar to that of newer models.

If you have questions around the cost of repairs, we can offer our opinion over the phone after you receive the inspection report; however, the repair or maintenance prices vary considerably based on your location and the specialized repair shops available in your area of residence.

We strive to look for all the issues that are noticeable, and we have the diagnostic tools for most makes/models in order to scan the vehicle for hidden diagnostic codes. However, if the seller is determined to hide a specific flaw, there is a slim chance that will not be able to find it, and that issue will be overlooked at any inspection, mobile or not.


Let us know if you have any questions.


Purchasing a used vehicle from a private individual or a car lot can be a challenging experience.


Perform a complete on-site used car inspection

We advise all our prospective customers to research the history of the vehicle they are looking to purchase and verify with the private owner or the selling dealer, the condition of the title and obtain a copy of that document, if possible, before ordering a inspection.