Vehicle Purchasing Facts

Before you order an inspection

Purchasing a used vehicle from a private individual or a car lot can be a challenging experience.

We advise all of our prospective customers to research the history of the vehicle they are looking to purchase and verify the condition of the title. They should also obtain a copy of the Title, if possible, before ordering an inspection.

It is important to know that vehicles over 10 years of age are marked as “miles exempt” on Titles transferred to a new owner. Thorough research into the vehicle’s past is important in order to ensure that the odometer was not tampered with.

It is also important to make sure that the seller is the actual owner of the vehicle. “Jumping” the Title is an illegal, yet common, practice where people buy cars then resell them without transferring the ownership.

It is important to verify that the seller is a licensed car dealer/lot if the vehicle is advertised as such. If you purchase a vehicle from a dubious seller, in most cases, the loss is yours. There is very little that can be done after the point of sale.

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